Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright,Module Lamp Bulb Superbright Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light, Coming with one cord, color will be random,USB port, No driver needed, plug and play, Emitting Color: Pure White, 1x USB Touch Light, LED Number: 2-LED, Color Temperature: 4500-5500K, Good quality, Excellent Service.USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright Pure White 2-LED.

Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright



Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright

Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright
Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright

Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright

Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright. USB port, No driver needed, plug and play. Emitting Color: Pure White. 1x USB Touch Light. LED Number: 2-LED. Color Temperature: 4500-5500K. Good quality! Excellent Service! Coming with one cord, color will be random..

Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright

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Average Cost per eyelash extension procedure $100.00
Average time per eyelash extension procedure 1-2 hours
Profit or weekly income (based on 4/day, 20 clients per week) $2,000 weekly
Annual Income (not including tips) $104,000


During the class you’ll get to practice on a mannequin head, a high quality rubber with lashes set that offers a very realistic feel. At the end of our training course you will receive a certificate of completion, and a product kit.

This course is a one-day 6 hour beginners class.

The 1-day training course includes:
Client Consultation and Consent forms
Setting Up Your Station
Eyelash Mapping Technique
Lash selection
Licensing and permit legalities
Health & safety
Hands-on practice
Product & supplies resources
Aftercare Instructions
Certificate of completion
Starter Kit
4 months post-class support
…And More


Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright

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  • Lash Extension Trays
  • Tweezer (straight)
  • Tweezer (curve)
  • Tape Roll
  • Lint-free Eyelashes Under Patch Pad
  • Disposable Mascara Wands
  • Eyelash Primer
  • Lash Glue
  • Micro Brushes

No experience or prior training is required in order to participate in this course. The rules and regulations for this course is taught according to Florida state. For student’s traveling from different countries or states, it is your responsibility to research your own state or city regulations for eyelash technicians. VERY IMPORTANT: Trainees with a career in mind must be licensed in health or beauty or be a student currently enrolled in a licensure program. While others may participate in the training as a hobby, please note that the State of Florida, as with most states, requires practitioners to hold a health or beauty license if they intend to charge a fee for services.

Eyelash training courses 1-day professional classic eyelash extension training. This training was carefully designed to be a hands-on seminar that was created to introduce our students to everything about lash extension application. Our educational and comprehensive 1-day professional training course is taught by professional artists who have many years of experience within the industry. Additionally, all of our students will have the invaluable opportunity to get eyelash kits, consent forms, as well as continued support to ensure their success after our training course. Please contact us directly for any questions that you may have about our training course.

(6 hrs) | $750


| $35
Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright, Pure White 2-LED USB Touch Light Module Lamp Bulb Superbright